Vintage 1950s baby red wooden grand piano.

Little eighteen key red piano, with a flower design transfer on the lid. The cover for the keys is still present, but is no longer attached to the piano. 

The lid is hinged, but the support arm is missing. I used the keys’ cover to support the lid. Works! But not well enough for it to be safe for little fingers.
Under the lid is a blue, black and gold graphic. I’m not sure if it means something or is just for decoration. In great condition though. 

The piano is in good, vintage condition. There are chips to the paint all the way around, and the lacquer is starting to crackle on the lid (see photos). Very minor, doesn’t detract. 
They keys have several hand written numbers at the back, under where the cover would sit if it were still attached. Some of the original sticker strip of numbers still remains. 

This would have originally sat on three screw-in wooden Dansette legs. The legs are missing but threads are in good condition. 

Width: 340mm (13 3/8”)
Depth: 370mm (14.5”)
Height: 85mm (3 3/8”)
Weight: 2.3kg


SKU: AP10318