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Vintage wooden toolbox with 8 drawers and removable front panel. Ideal restoration project. 

Lovely handmade tool drawers. Constructed using dovetail joints, the corners have nicely rounded profiles. 
The felt-lined front panel comes away and slides under the drawers. Each drawer has a contrasting striped patina. 

The faults.
One of the bottom runners has come free. Drawer still slides in and out, and I have the runner for reattachment. 

The leather has torn on the handle. It still functions and feels strong - the metal frame of the handle is still in tact. 

Small gaps starting on the top dovetail joints.

Needs a good clean. Well used toolbox. 

Width: 380mm (15”)
Depth: 230mm (9”)
Height: 310mm (12 1/4”)
Weight: 7.2kg

Drawer internal dimensions:
(X2): 340 x 160 x 55mm
(X6): 160 x 158 x 36mm


SKU: DE233293
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