Lovely, but very well worn wooden push a long spinning maypole dancer toy.

The base is green, with a yellow centre piece that I presume the maypole was attached to. The base sites on a blue wooden block with a hole in for the detachable original wooden handle.  

The base sits on 2 wooden wheels - which are different sizes! Not sure if that sided the spinning or dancing, or if it’s a later repair.

There are two boy and two girl characters. The girls are wearing stripey skirts.
One boy has no arms (too much maypole dancing!) And only one figure has a full face left.

This could easily be restored to its original condition, or left as is - a characterful little wooden toy!

Please see photos for dimensions and descriptions. 
The pull a long pole is 570mm long and ends 370mm off the ground.

It’s the length of the pole that makes it expensive international postage. Sorry!