Vintage fishing tackle seat box. Three drawers. 

This would’ve originally been the seat section of a fishing tackle seat box. The seat lid has long gone, but the hinges remain. 

The top is divided into two sections. In the middle corners of the top trays are two drill holes. This box comes with two metal pegs (a little bent out of shape). These pegs insert into the holes of the top trays to prevent the drawers from opening. Each drawer has a drill hole that locates perfectly to the peg. A simple but clever design! Please see photographs.

The main carcass of the box has been painted black. This paint is coming off in several places and would benefit to re-touch. The drawers been left wood colour, a great contrast. Each drawer has a little brass drawer pull.

The drawer that comes from the side of the box is one super-sized draw that can be accessed from each side. There is a crudely attached divider separating this into two sections.

The two drawers to the front each have internal dividers. The drawer to the left has three sections and the right-hand drawer has four.

Really useful art, craft or workshop storage box. Could make a great restoration project.

Width: 405mm (16”)
Depth: 290mm (11 3/8”)
Height: 110mm (4 1/4”)
Weight: 2.95kg

Two top sections: 180 x 255 x 18mm (7 x 10 x 0.75”)

Side drawer: 260 x 185 x 18mm (10.25 x 7.25 x 0.75”)

Left drawer:
1. 175 x 75 x 42mm
2. 115 x 175mm
3. 55 x 175mm

Right drawer:
1. 100 x 70 x 42mm
2. 75 x 100mm
3. 85 x 175mm
4. 85 x 175mm


SKU: MY18528