Vintage engineer’s wooden toolbox. Workshop drawers with three insert trays.

This engineer’s toolbox is one of the nicest I’ve had. Built with a ply/hardwood construction. There are four full depth angled support brackets along the outer edges, lots of grease and engineer related marks but structurally sound with no cracks or chips to the wood. The exposed wood corners are smoothed off from years of use.

There are eight drawers in total, and an open box compartment. The drawers all have chunky dovetail joints to the fronts, giving a fabulous striped pattern. Each drawer has two Bakelite knobs which are all in very good condition. No cracks or missing bits! 

There is a gap at the bottom of the cabinet where the original sliding panel with locking mechanism would have sat when not in use. Sadly this panel is missing, but I think the drawers are too cool to hide behind a boring flat panel!

The drawers. The most exciting thing I discovered about the drawers are the runners. Each drawer has a steel square bar for it’s runner! Brilliant! Maxes every drawer so easy to open/close! 

The three drawers to the left are all single section drawers. 
The three drawers to the right are also single section, but one drawer has a removable tray. Bonus!

The top full-width drawer is also single section with the felt removed. All drawers with no felt are in good (but grubby) condition. No holes or rot. 
This drawer has a metal name stuck to it. The bottom drawer has an old sticker:

1990 - 1995
Inside this drawer are two lift-out trays. One is felt lined and moulded to what appears to be set squares. The corners are split, the felt is dirty. But three mini dowels make feet, so it has something nice about it. 
The second tray has six compartments and it’s felt removed. Square shaped tray, again with feet do it stands proud of the drawer (more storage opportunities!)

The drawers are all lined with grubby green felt. I can remove these before dispatch if requested, but left in to keep the integrity of the chest. There are large areas of gouging to the ply around both handles on the bottom drawer. Needs sanding/staining. Similar but to a lesser extend on two of the left drawers. Please see photos.

Width: 460mm (18”)
Depth: 210mm (8.25”)
Height: 365mm (14.4”)
Weight: 9.7kg

Left drawers: 75 x 155 x 40mm (3 x 6.1 x 1.6”)
Right drawers: 175 x 155 x 40mm (6.85 x 6.1 x 1.6”)
Tray (right drawers): 150 x 145 x 40mm (5.9 x 5.7 x 1.6”)
Box space: 100 x 175 x 140mm (4 x 6.85 x 5.5”)
Full width 1: 405 x 155 x 40mm (16 x 6.1 x 1.6”)
Full width 2:  405 x 155 x 90mm (16 x 6.1 x 3.5”)
Tray (moulded/lined): 225 x 150 x 30mm (8.9 x 5.9 x 1.5”)
Tray (6 section): 140 x 130 x 35mm (5.5 x 5.15 x 1.4”)


SKU: AP11893