Vintage William Crawford turquoise tin. Art Deco Japanese design with cranes and mountains.

Lovely old tin in a dirty ‘art deco’ green. The lid has two cranes in red, with a hint of the gold outline still left on their wings. 
They are stood on a brick wall with mountains and clouds in the background.

The base of the tin is stamped FREE SAMPLE. Inside the hinges lid is the William Crawford & Sons Ltd maker’s mark, with Edinburgh • Liverpool • London.

Lots of wear to the tin, but very few scratches to the lid.

I had a yellow enamelled brass cigarette box with this exact same design, only in yellow. The box was German made. It was dated 1920s/30s by a team of television antique experts, so I’m dating this box around the same time.

Length: 152mm (6”)
Depth: 80mm (3.15”)
Height: 27mm (1”)
Weight: 100g


SKU: AP7310