Vintage wicker fishing seat with lift up storage and lots of compartments.

I wouldn’t use this for fishing, but it would make an ideal artists’ or sewing box. 

Constructed from a wooden frame with basket weave over the top and red vinyl details. The top has a padded black vinyl seat with no rips or tears. The shape slight splays outward near the base, and it sits on four small legs with black rubber feet. One foot cover is missing.

A canvas carry strap neatly folds under the box. I’ve not moved it from this position, so couldn’t say how ling it is. 

The bottom section of the box has a large storage space and is in good condition, except for a split in the base panel. Please see photos.

The vinyl seat lifts to reveal storage space No.1 (for dimensions reference below). The underneath of the seat is covered in a red vinyl with a hole cut out in the centre. I’m not sure what this holes function is, but it’s a factory made hole, not a fault. The hinge is very rusty. Lined with green felt that I’d in excellent condition. There is a lift out wooden divider to separate in to six sections. This looks as though it could even be new, it’s in such good condition.

Space number two is deeper that the top space. There is a cantilever mechanism to one side that is a little bent out of shape, and benefits being held in place when the sections are opened. It is very rusty and needs replacing, or removing - it only holds the lid in the upright position and could function without it. Again, this space has a lift out wooden divider for 6 spaces. Looks new, but I a bit warped out of shape. A few light marks on the felt lining in this section.

Space 3 - the big basket storage at the bottom’s hinges are completely covered in rust. They still work but couldn’t be any more rusty. This section is in good, clean condition.

Beautiful little seat storage. Dovetail joints and rounded corners. No damage to the basket weave. Lots of blackening areas on the wood. Rust to the metal work.

Width: 385mm (bottom) 350mm (top) (15 1/8 and 13 3/4”)
Depth: 260mm (bottom) 225mm (top) (10 1/4 and 8 3/4”)
Height: 390mm (15 3/8”)
Weight: 3.5kg

Space No.1:
325 x 195 x 20mm (12 3/4”)
With divider: (two) 150 x 95mm (6 x 3 3/4”)
(Four): 80 x 95mm (3 1/8 x 3 3/4”)

Space No.2:
As above

Space No.3: 
(Top W/D): 300 x 180mm
(Bottom W/D): 380 x 250mm
Height: 240mm (9 1/2”)


SKU: MY18642