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Vintage tinplate miniature toy scales.

Dating from late 40s/early 50s. 
The front/back panels are painted a dark duck egg blue with scene from a busy shop, a man, lady and boy stand behind a counter and a small girl climbs a ladder to stack a shelf. There is a fat white cat on the counter and I’m not sure if the expression on the lady’s face is one of joy or horror! 
The little boy is handing a girl a lollipop. Or a spoon. Or a microphone. Hard to tell. 
The central item on the counter is a set of these scales! Image is on front and back of scales.

The side panels and central platform are red with a pale duck egg blue pivoting bar. One each end are three pronged bases to hold tinplate bowls. Sadly these are missing but the scales still work.

Condition is good for its age. A bit faded, scuffs discolouration to the chrome areas. But the printed illustrations are all very bright and free from rust. 

Length: 160mm (6.3”)
Depth: 65mm (2.5”)
Height: 60mm (2.3”)
Weight: 70g


SKU: AP9021
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