Vintage style tinplate shed piggy bank. Ye Olde Farmhouse diorama.

Rickety looking old tin shed, with bent doors, shed equipment and nesting birds. This isn’t as old as it’s meant to look, but it’s still a quirky little piggy bank. 

The shape of the shed is a parallelogram, giving it a sense of depth from any angle. The words ‘Ye Olde Farmhouse’ have been stencilled on the front. The entire shed has been given a rustic looking paint job with turquoise green and some gold. No rust or scratches to the paintwork, but there are some tiny scratches on the roof that are starting to show shiny metal through. Not very noticeable due to the industrial, rustic look of the shed. Please see photographs for full description.

There is a bird box above the doors with two nesting birds giving each other a kiss! 
Sadly the stopper is missing. 

Width: 220mm (8 5/8”)
Depth: 120mm (4 3/4”)
Height: 165mm (6 1/2”)
Weight: 305g


SKU: JN27813