Vintage scratch built smokers companion. Miniatures scales  with magnetic lighter and ashtray.

So unusual! Hammered metal forming weight scales, with lift of trays and lighter (working) and container for matches (or ash)? The base of the items on the scales both have large magnets on their bases so they snap to the scale trays and won’t fall off. 
There is a very thin layer of rust covering the metal but the base metal is still visible in places. I love this industrial look, but I think this would clean up very easily if you wanted the natural colour of the metal.

Dimensions (complete set):
Width: 290mm (11 3/8”)
Depth: 160mm (6 1/4”)
Height: 230mm (9”)
Weight: 877g

Pot dimensions: 50 x 55mm (2 x 2 1/8”)


SKU: MY21714