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Vintage handmade miniature wooden catapult in industrial carry case.

I love vintage handmade wooden things, miniature things, unusual things. This unusual vintage handmade wooden miniature catapult ticks every box!

The outer case is of a sturdy wooden construction, with leather carry strap (quite tatty) and sliding panel for access to the catapult. The box is painted cyan, with the number 59 sprayed on the top and door panel. There are some chips and scuffs to the case.

Inside sits a chipboard base with a metal pull handle to slide out the catapult. There is a wooden runner to one side and two nails to the other to prevent the model moving when in transit.

The mounting board is 215 x 335 x 20mm (8.5 x 13.5 x 0.75”). 
A roughly textured surface to mimic grass and mud has been glued onto the centre of the board. There are two small piles of ‘glued-on’ boulders ready to be hurled by the catapult. 

The catapult itself is slightly elevated from the board by four pegs. This enables the wooden wheels to turn, albeit pointlessly. The frame is very well-made with lots of attention to detail. There is a spoon that winds back with a tiny metal crank and a piece of string. A thin wire hook holds the catapult in the springback position. When this wire is released, the catapult flings forward hitting the overhead structure before coming to a stop. 

If you use the catapult in the way described above, the ‘fling’ is a little lacklustre. If you spring the spoon manually it has a strong fling.

Excellent condition! 

Dimensions (catapult & board):
335 x 115 x 170mm (13.15 x 4.5 x 6.75”)
Weight: 845g

Box: 370 x 245 x 220mm (14.5 x 9.6 x 8.6”)
Weight: 2.55kg


SKU: AP16022
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