Vintage French medicine cabinet with bevelled mirrored doors. Restoration project.

Vintage cabinet desperately in need of some TLC. To the top is a pretty, removable header. The base panel is slightly wider than the cabinet making it ideal for counter tops. There is a rusty old hook to the back of the top panel to hang the cabinet on a wall.
The front of the cabinet has double doors with bevelled mirrored panels. There is a nice cutout section above the doors with a shape not dissimilar to the Batman logo!
The doors are really thick, as there is a panel behind the mirror. Inside the cabinet the condition is pretty much like the outside of the cabinet. There is one shelf but this is badly bowed out of shape and would need replacing. Please see photos. At the top of the cabinet - behind the Batman logo - is an open space. I believe there should’ve been a shelf here too. 

Now for the bad bits! 
There is a hairline crack running along the top panel of the cabinet, close to the hanging hook. The wood has been varnished but this is flaking off in many places and has almost completely come off the header. The glass of the mirror has no cracks or chips but has marks here and there. The back panel was never meant to be seen so it looks very primitive and rustic! There are two vertical cuts in the back panel that look to be tool marks, and three large holes cut out.

Width: 340mm (13 3/8”)
Depth: 195mm (7 3/4”)
Height (with header): 450mm (17 3/4”)
Height (without header): 395mm (15 1/2”)
Weight: 4.5kg


SKU: MY24735