Antique primitive handmade wooden coffer. Rustic jewellery box.
When rustic was invented, there was a picture of this on the tin! 
I really can’t say how old this is, but the construction looks very old. Made from rough-cut planks of wood that have rounded and smoothed edges and corners after years of handling. 

The front of the box has two primitively carved panels and a small brass drop handle. The box sits on four crudely carved legs. 

The lid is made of two chunkier planks of wood, joined together with dowels. Please note, the two planks need gluing bank together as they can separate. The hinges are also loose. The coffee is so old, these faults seem to suit it! Happy to glue the lid but won’t be able to tighten the hinges as I don’t have a screwdriver small enough.

Width: 252mm (9.9”)
Depth: 135mm (5.3”)
Height: 130mm (5.1”)
Weight: 894g

Internal dimensions (W/D/H): 225 x 110 x 82mm (8.85 x 4.3 x 3.25”)


SKU: AP8918