Vintage portable toy play office in carry case.

I felt so smug when I found this gem of a vintage toy. A cream coloured plastic suitcase/carry case/portable toy office set. 

Inside the lid panel is a pretend clock with moving numbers, three opening drawers for small bits and pieces, a dial telephone with blue spiral cord and a pen holder with three compartments. Not enough pens to fill three? Don’t worry. There decals of stationary items so you always look well stocked!

The base has a telephone directory (no pages, just a pretend play phone book with slide action letter selection), a clipboard (yes, it’s removable) with paper storage area underneath, a pencil sharpener - cleverly integrated in to the table top, and three cubes with days and numbers making a calendar. 

The bad bits.
The stationary stickers are slightly peeling away at the top. I like it like this. Looks more 3D!

One of the closure clasps for the case is missing. The other doesn’t work! Would need a new strap to keep it closed, or a bit of string. 
Some light scuffs to the case, minor age related wear all over. Generally in very good, clean condition.

Width: 310mm (12”)
Height: 550mm (21 5/8”)
Depth: 140mm (5.5”)
Weight: 1.55kg


SKU: AP9421