Stamped on the bottom of the stand is ‘Practical model 436268’. I’ve seen a few of these, they all seem to have different numbers. 

A decorative metal tray, made from a single piece of metal and shaped with waves and dragons. The top would have had two decorative salt and pepper shakers (to match the tray), but sadly these are missing. Underneath where the shakers would sit are two carved scenes - a Buddha and a pagoda. 
There are two red coloured handles made from a plastic/bakelite type of material. 

The key to wind the music is the little japanese figure in red, standing on the top of the tray. With a turn of her body, the girl rotates with music. To start the music lift either one of the shakers which are sadly missing. But the music still plays by pressing the triggers that the shakers would have sat on. 
The music plays very slow! I believe it to be Fur Elise by Beethoven. The music mechanism by Sankyo is an old one, all metal and the cylinder is cut from a roll, not welded.

Width: 165mm (6.6”)
Depth: 75mm (3”)
Height: 80mm (3.15”)


SKU: AP5114