Vintage antique small rotating oak pipe cabinet. Table top size. 

Fabulous patina, semi restored by stripping back the blackish brown smoke stained outer layer, back to a lovely honey brown. I’ve left the interior dark brown for a bit of contrast, but I’ve cleaned this little cupboard inside and out. 

A perfectly neat little size, and sat on four feet that pivot so the cabinet rotates 360 degrees! 

The front has two doors with little wooden knobs. To the inside door panels are small shelves routed to hold pipes. Each door can hold three. Inside the cupboard is split in to two vertical compartments with the left hand side having a shelf half way up. The central support has a curve cut away in the middle to accommodate the hanging pipes. 
The reverse side of the cupboard is open. I’m not sure if it ever had doors, of if it was the display side. 

The wood is all different colours, which looks fabulous I’ve put a light stain on it, and protected it with teak oil, but there is no varnish on the unit. 

It’s old, possibly antique so there are bumps and gaps here and there, all should be visible in the photographs. A very sturdy little unit though and still many more years of use in the old thing yet!

Width: 360mm (14”)
Depth: 360mm (14”)
Height: 330mm (13”)
Weight: 5.5kg