Super cute miniature wooden writing bureau, with four drawers to the front, a hinged writing slope with three tiny internal drawers and shelving space. 

The front edges of the unit are stained in a dark brown, contrasting with the rich warm brown of the drawer fronts and facing edges.

The handles are tiny brass coloured pins, and there is a decorative brass locking mechanism but sadly, no key. 

Either side of the top drawer are pull-out supports for the writing slope. The hinges on the slope need some attention, the panel opens and closes but doesn’t sit straight when in either state. 

One of the internal mini drawers has a replacement handle, a small brass done head screw. 

This is very delicately made and could do with a little TLC. The base is glued to the unit and, although securely fitted now, there is a slight wobble and eventually it will come free from the base. 

Faults aside, this is absolutely fabulous and who ever owns this will adore it!

Width: 220mm (8.7”)
Depth: 100mm (4”)
Height: 230mm (9”)
Weight: 805g

Drawer internal dimensions:
Front (x3):
Width: 278 (10.8”)
Depth: 85mm (3.3”)
Height: 25” (1”)

Front (top):
Width: 155mm (6”)
Depth: 83mm (3.3”)
Height: 20mm (.75”)

Width: 50mm (2”)
Depth: 40mm (1.5”)
Height: 12mm (.5”)