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Beautiful rare large vintage/antique Chinese woven zebra basket with removable lid and secret compartment. c1970.

Tightly woven bamboo basket on a woven bamboo core, then lacquered to give a hard solid surface. An extremely detailed piece and In excellent condition, No rips or tears. His main and ear hair are thinning somewhat though. Please see photos for details. 

His face is amazing! With a diamond pattern to his forehead/nose and glass eyes. His mouth has so much expression and the artist even left two gaps in the weave for his nostrils! 

His tail forms a swoosh and is also a solid weave. His hooves are made from a hard material and stained and lacquered to give a realism. He is very sturdy on his feet to say he’s so top heavy.

There is a lid to his saddle area, with a piece of faux bamboo for a handle. Inside the compartment is a parquet style weave in a golden colour and is in excellent, clean condition with no rips or tears. 

These can fetch $1600 in interior design stores. 

I worked as a cardboard engineer for two years and I am obsessive about packaging. This will be packaged so well for transit, and all my items are covered by free postal insurance, tracked and traced. 

Length: 430mm (17”)
Width: 180mm (7”)
Height: 410mm (16”)


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