Midcentury METAKOR tile topped table with chrome legs. Signed CEDEM, made in Belgium.

Gorgeous colours, with a forget-me-knot blue background and a red, orange, blue, black and white hand painted graphic. Every tile is a piece of art in it’s self. 

21 tiles. One is badly cracked with three joining splits (but stable), another hairline crack approx. 1.5” in length. There are what appear to be feint water marks all over the background colour, but I don’t know if that’s part of the design. There is no water damage to the base.

There is a signature that reads CEDEM (I think). 

The legs are chromed, slightly Art Deco in style. Some pitting started (please see photos). Under the table is a narrow shelf in a dark wood laminate. There is a maker’s label on the base. 

I’ve had this table a while now. I love it, but doesn’t match the new furniture so sadly letting it go. It had the damage when I bought it, it hasn’t got any worse in that time but I feel it needs someone with some skill to look at it.

This item has to be sent with the base removed for delivery insurance as couriers won’t cover for damaged furniture unless sent flat-pack. 

Length: 1090mm (43”)
Width: 470mm (18.5”)
Height: 460mm (18”)


SKU: AP0060