Vintage Rigi900 West German tinplate toy cable car by Lehmann. Comes in original box.
In good condition. No rust, the sliding door has taken a knock at some point but still opens and closes. There is a little lady skier inside. 
Not sure if all the parts are present. But all the parts you need to make it work are there - a long piece is plastic cable*, a single plastic pulley block and hanging loop** and a second pulley attached to a hand crank and console. 

*the cable came in a birds nest knot when I bought this, and was tied together in a large knot. After setting up the cable system, I taped the cable together with electrical tape, which worked as a quick fix but someone with a more engineering mind would find a better solution. 

**the hanging loop has a split in it, so I have glued it together and strengthened with 2 cable ties to test the cable car. This does the trick and supports the weight.