Vintage kitsch ceramic atomiser. Girl with parasol.

Pretty young girl with pink parasol and dress that makes it appear that she is moving. She’s calling out but I’m not sure if this is based on a character or just a random pose. There is gilt detailing on the ceramic to match the brass atomiser component. The umbrella pumps up and down, but I can’t see any holes for the atomised substance to escape. I would have though the top of the brollie may have been the exit hole, but there is just a dab of gold on the tip of the parasol.

In a nutshell, I don’t know how or if this works. But it’s so kitsch and cute and I love the pairing of glossy ceramic with the dulling brass.

Width: 65mm
Depth: 50mm
Height: 120mm
Weight: 104g


SKU: MY17408