Large vintage Golfing owl figure with miniature umbrella and gold clubs. Abercrombie and Fitch.

This character comes from a range of ‘activity’ owls from Jungle Toys of London. He has brown shaggy teddy bear fabric hands and head, with feathers around his large amber eyes. His umbrella hand has a plastic insert to grip the brollie handle. His other hand has no insert to grip the clubs. The top half of the owl is quite soft to the touch. His legs are made from a solid material (plastic?) which enables his to stand upright. He does loose balance when the umbrella is opened. 

The clothes are in excellent condition. The trousers have a Velcro fly and his shirt tucks in to his waist band. The shoulder areas of his jumper have started to slightly fade, I’ve tried to show this in the photos but it’s too slight to show very clearly. 
He’s wearing (real) knitted socks, and his slacks look to be real wool (almost tweed). 

His hat can be worn facing forward. Nice and traditional. Or facing backwards for the Samuel L Jackson look. Either way looks good! :)

The shoes have split at the back of the heels - probably due to all the golfing swings. One shoe is missing it’s black lace. 

The bottom of the bag has come loose and doesn’t hold the clubs. Should be a quick fix with the right kind of glue.

TRIANG dairy cart not included, but is listed in my shop. He needs this to rest on when the umbrella is open as he struggles to balance. He stands perfectly with the umbrella closed or absent. 

Width: 240mm (9 1/2”)
Depth: 120mm (4 3/4”)
Height: 455mm (18”)
Weight: 823g


SKU: MY26730