Vintage musical Japanese chinoiserie cabinet. Shell inlay, dancing ballerina. Restoration project.

Lovely old cabinet, painted black with shell inlay around the front edging panels. The box is hand painted with simple mountain illustrations and boats.  There is a drawer on the lid, and three drawers of different sizes to the front. 

Besides the drawers is a large three mirrored recessed area, with gold and orange woven floor and ceiling. Inside is a spinning ballerina wearing a gold boob-tube and polka dot tutu. Her aloft arm has snapped off at the elbow. This section was once hidden behind a door. Half of the hinges remain but the door is long gone. The music box works well but I don’t know the tune. 
The base is labelled FOREIGN with a sticker that looks to read IRENE SERIES FOREIGN. 

Lots of wear to this box, chipped corners, missing door etc. Perfect if you are looking for a restoration project. 

Still a pretty box in its current condition! Drawers lined with a faded red (now coral) coloured needle cord.

Width: 210mm (8.25”)
Depth: 100mm (4”)
Height: 250mm (9.8”)
Weight: 1.06kg

Drawer internal dimensions:

110 x 60 x 30mm (4.3 x 2.3 x 1.15”)

55 x 75 x 35/40/50mm (2.1 x 3 x 1.35/1.75/2”)


SKU: MA4314