Vintage hardwood jewellery box with two drawers and lift up lid.

I’m unsure what type of wood this has been made from. It’s super smooth to the touch and has a lovely patina. To the front are two drawers with unusual bevelled profiles. Gorgeous little wooden knobs with white centres are on the front of each drawer. The box sits on a slightly wider base that has had its corners rounded off and there are four peg feet. 

The front two corners of the lid have what appears to be marquetry inlays of a darker wood. It’s hard to see any seams, it almost looks as though it could’ve been painted. But I do think they are well applied marquetry panels.

The lid is hinged at the back with two pins. Inside the lid is a storage compartment. A teal coloured wooden insert has been fitted to the lid. I’m unsure if it’s purpose, but it looks good!

Width: 135mm (5 3/8”)
Depth: 75mm (3”)
Height: 130mm (5”)
Weight: 430g

Drawer internal dimensions: 100 x 50 x 33mm (4x2x1.3”)

Lid internal dimensions: 95 x 55 x 55mm (3.75x2.1x2.1”)


SKU: JN33125