Vintage handmade wooden automation piece. 

An unusual handmade item, I’m inside of its date. I’ll describe as best I can but apologies if there are any errors. 
A young man with articulated limbs stands on a sty whilst holds a cutting item (lumberjack?). He may have been cutting branches as the design of the tree looks to be missing a section. This isn’t damage as the paint isn’t missing.

The young girl - possibly a milk maid  also has articulated limbs. She has a sack on her back and his holding a milking stool and wooden bottle. 

The base has an ominous quote:
‘Where are you going to?’ And is signed Joan Harris.

Beautifully made. The painted faces are simple and full of character. A one-off original piece. 

Width: 170mm (6 5/8”)
Depth: 75mm (3”)
Height: 210mm (8 1/4”)
Weight: 108g


SKU: JA89331