Vintage handmade wooden letter rack, stationery cupboard. School project, apprentice piece.

Simple but well-made wooden desk organiser. To the front of the small drawer with brass knobs on curved profile. Above the drawer are six compartments to store letters and paperwork.

All the sharp edges and corners have been nicely rounded off, and the box sets and two simple curved wooden feet. 

Good, vintage condition. There is a deep scratch to the front and minor scuffs all over. Please see photos.

The letter dividers are made from composite board/wood, and some have started to bend out of shape. They are still very rigid despite the curve. 

Width: 325mm (12 3/4”)
Depth: 130mm (5 1/8”)
Height: 210mm (8 1/4”)
Weight: 1.69kg

Drawer internal dimensions (W/D/H): 215 x 105 x 20mm (8.5 x 4.15 x 0.75”)

Back sections: 
305 x 25 x 150mm (12 x 1 x 6”)
150 x 25 x 150mm (6 x 1 x 6”)

Front sections: 
305 x 25 x 85mm (12 x 1 x 3.45”)
150 x 25 x 85mm (6 x 1 x 3.45”)


SKU: MY27113