Vintage handmade diorama. British chip shop. Miniature fish and chip shop, deep fat fryers, chips, pop.

I wanted this as soon as I saw it! Handmade, and not expertly, yet the detail is brilliant! Stainless steel cabinets with a deep fat fryer (complete with chips), and heated shelves (not literally), with pasties, pies (I think), and a pizza! Very modern!

The counter is no longer glued to the wall, so comes free from the room. The figure is still wearing his PJs by the looks of it, but had made the effort to wear his training shoes and socks! Ge has to stand on a platform to see over the counter. There is a minimal wooden cash register and cans of pop glued to the top shelf (one is loose, so can be a prop for the customer). 

Everything else you’d want to see in a vintage chippy. A painted fish to the rear wall, red sauce, a bowl of salads hidden away from view, a jacket potato oven and a huge fan or orangeade! All that’s missing is the newspaper wrapping! 

There is damage to the front left corner (see photos), and it looks like a 1970s chippy - IE. a bit grubby, but I’ve given it a good clean, and apart from it looking outdated and the above mentioned damage, it’s in good vintage condition.

Width: 340mm
Depth: 200mm
Height: 240mm
Weight: 2.5kg