Vintage folk art cylindrical shaped wooden box. Carved birds and hinged lid.

Very unusual and very pretty wooden box with hinged lid. I’m unsure of its original purpose - it looks as though it could’ve been a wooden handbag, possibly a souvenir item.

The shape is a cylindrical and looks like a hollowed out tree trunk. The wood is extremely lightweight, it almost doesn’t feel like wood! 

Each length edge has a different woodcarving. The artist has etched a rounded-corner rectangle frame, and inside this are carved birds foliage and flowers. The end panels have a nobbly uneven surface texture and a geometric pattern inside. 

The box comes with a handle which is as usual as the box itself. Two rods slot into the holes on the box (unfortunately one has snapped off). The handle is hinged at one end, maybe for a shoulder strap?

Good vintage condition. Very pretty, unusual little box.

Length: 215mm (8 1/2”)
Width: 115mm (4 1/2”)
Height: 130mm (5”)
Weight: 350g


SKU: JN28908