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Vintage Ferrari GTO hard pencil case. Double sided design and storage, glossy vinyl wrap.

Hard blue plastic case with two magnetic closures. One compartment has three moulded sections - 2 long, and one smaller for an eraser/sharpener. This section looks to have had a label removed as there are slightly remains of adhesive residue.

The second compartment has 2 sections and embossed outlines of stationery items such as ruler, scissors, protractor and compass.

A silver tone inlay with the words Super Pandora’s Box and an embossed butterfly (?!) enable the lids to be opened without stressing the vinyl. Colours still pop - looks to have had very little use.


Length: 235mm

Width: 90mm

Height: 30mm

Weight: 190g

Vintage Ferrari GTO hard pencil case

SKU: SP292914
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