Vintage Dealer’s Choice board game by PARKER. Secondhand car dealer game, boxed.

Look to be in unplayed with condition. The box has a brilliant photo of a dodgy car dealer smoking a cigar, trying to sell a vulnerable old lady a sports car. The car lot background has an array of ‘rubbish’ old cars! 

There is wear to the box and the print on the lid is starting to fade a little. Inside the box is in great condition. The game board is a red plastic disk with slots to put the cards. The photo on the board shows the old lady doing a burn-out in the sports car, with the dealer looking terrified. 

There are 24 cards with different cars and values. I especially like the Tank! I’m sure that card will either make or break you!

All instructions present. Not played the game, but it looks fun!

Dimensions (boxed):
Width/depth: 345mm (13.5”)
Height: 60mm (2.4”)
Weight: 1.1kg


SKU: AP13514