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Vintage 1960s rubber monkey piggy bank. 

Want to scare your youngsters off ever saving money? Problem solved. Here we have a 1960s rubbery monkey shaped piggy bank in it’s original little outfit. 

It’s face is very weirdly realistic, with rosey cheeks, pale (almost white) eyes, and a striped hat - complete with bell - sits jauntily on it’s head.

The arms are posable at the shoulder. Yeesssss!!! Wearing a faded red pair of dungarees, complete with press studs, and a faded striped pink t shirt. 

The slot for money is at the back of the head, which comes off to gain access to the spoils. 

The feet are missing, there is a patch of white on one arm, but I think i can get most of this off. The face is a little grubby and some colour has worn away from the lips. 

Width: 110mm (4 1/4”)
Depth: 75mm (3”)
Height (arms pointing downwards): 215mm (8 1/2”)
Weight: 121g


SKU: MY19910
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