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Vintage oak serving tray, repurposed using crystal clear epoxy resin and 76 handmade glow in the dark letters and numbers.

The tray is made with dovetail joints and has black carry handles. In true vintage condition - lots of character but lots of wear. There is a full length split on the base of the tray, but this has been made super solid with the 1kg of resin in the top.

I breathed a new lease of life in to this shabby tray by casting alphabet and number resin pieces and basting each one with resin - giving a subtle, tactile 3D effect.

Multifunctional, can be used as a tray, can be converted in to a table top or string could be added for wall hanging. There are not drill holes in the tray at the moment but I deliberately set the letters with a larger gap on one end in case drill holes were needed for vertical orientated wall hanging.


Length: 505mm (19 7/8”)

Width: 315mm (12 3/8”)

Height: 25mm (1”)

Weight: 2.2kg


SKU: AU165230
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