Set of 4 miniature leather bound Midget dictionaries. English to German, French, Spanish and Italian.

Cute pocket dictionaries from Burgess & Bowes c1960. The first section is the books is an English dictionary. The rear of the books have the translation dictionary. More than just single word translation references. These books have much more useful information for the European traveller of the 60s, such as:

1. Common sentences, including:
“Do you notice a draught?”
“Yes, it is a little fresh”

(“Ne sentez-vous pas un courant d’air?”
“Oui, il fait un peu froid “)

2. Numbers, months of the year, architectural terms, bill of fare (la carte translations), militarily terms, motor car terms, photography terms, seasons and holiday terms 

3. Pronunciations 
4. Linear, metric, cubic metres, metric weight, fluid and corn conversions
5. Phrases and idioms
6. Dialogues
7. Phrases for: the weather (obviously!), the shop, the date/age, the taxi, health, the hotel, the stationer (“I want the latest edition with gilt edges”), the draper/tailor, the watchmaker, the theatre, the tobacconist, sight seeing, the train, the steamer. 
(Above taken from the English/French book. Each book has different information. For example the German dictionary has common Christian names, geographical names etc. I haven’t looked through every set for slight differences but I believe there are some!)

Each book is a different colour and pagination. Details below. The Welsh lady who originally owned the set carefully wrote her full name and address in each book! 

The condition of the leather is lovely. Aged and smooth, but the crease points on the edge of front/back (meeting the spine) has started to split, and the English/French book’s split runs from top to bottom (please see photos). It’s not affected the structure of the dictionaries, and could be glued. No pages are loose because of the splitting.

Dimensions as a set:
Width: 70mm (2.75”)
Depth: 65mm (2.5”)
Height: 87mm (3.5”)
Weight: 259g

Dimensions per book:
Width: 58mm (2.3”)
Depth: 10mm (0.3”)
Height: 83mm (3.3”)

French 233pp
German 222pp
Spanish 274pp
Italian 254pp

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