Rustic square reclaimed wood coffee table. Primitive driftwood style.

Super solid, super chunky, extremely rustic coffee table construct it from what looks to be reclaimed or scrap pieces of wood. The wood looked very parched when I bought it, but I’ve treated it with three coats of wood oil. It’s really enhanced the beautiful patina of the knotted, knarly old timber. 

Whoever built this table must’ve really wanted it to be square. Unable to source square wood for the legs, they’ve padded out planks to square off the shape of the legs. Three different types of wood on one leg! Looks amazing!

The top surface is made from 4 1/2 old planks, each with it’s original tool marks, holes and wooden square pegs embedded in the planks. Sorry, I’m not an expert, so trying to describe what I can see! Please see photos to make sense of the description.

Width: 595mm (23 3/8”)
Depth: 605mm (23 3/4”)
Height: 500mm (19 3/4”)


SKU: MY18316