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Amazing 1960s orange and white six tiered picnic case.
Made from plastic, with two elastic straps with grappling hooks at each end to hold all six trays together. The elastic has lost some of its stretch over the years, and may benefit from being replaced before long to prevent the trays being dropped.

When separated, each tray has one large and two smaller compartments with a snap on Tupperware lid. 
There is a recess for the cutlery. Each tray has its own knife, fork and spoon. Finally, a  cup holder, complete with original smoke grey plastic beaker. There are also spare pieces of cutlery.
All the trays are in excellent, clean condition except for one, which is not as shined and new looking. 

There is a mark to the top, looking like something hot was placed on the lid and few scrapes and scuffs elsewhere. 

The bottom tray has a bad crack to one corner. This happened in transit, so rather than discard I thought it best to include with this listing, to protect the tray above’s corners for future transit. 

Despite the damage to the corner, this is truly an amazing piece of 60s lifestyle design! Ideal for a cool vintage camper van’s travellers! 

Width: 375mm
Depth: 315mm
Height: 375mm
Weight: 5.35kg


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