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Large vintage framed Japanese fish shell diorama. 

Unusual item. A large black square deep frame with cream coloured mount. To the top of the frame is an ornate brass hanging plate or carry handle. Some scuffs to the corners of the frame - please see photos. 

The diorama is a plate of seafood made entirely from shells! Clams (with their tongues out), prawns... even the salad and plate are made from shells. A tip of the shellfish’s tail has come loose and hanging loose. It was like this when I bought it. It hasn’t got any worse but I’ve not tried to mend it. 

I can’t date this. It looks to be Art Deco era, but could be as new as The 1980s. If anyone knows, I’m happy to take advice! 

There is a small mark on the glass, I think it’s on the inside. Please see the last photo. It looks like a water mark (not a scuff or scratches) so I think it would clean off if the back was taken off the frame. It’s hardly noticeable.

Width/height: 500mm (19 3/4”)
Depth: 40mm (1 1/2”)
Weight: 2.4kg


SKU: AP16240
£75.00 Regular Price
£67.50Sale Price
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