Bright red and green vintage handmade wooden ride on truck with rear mounted crane. 
The bumpers are a funky red and yellow stripe - safety first! 

The crane housing is a bottle green, with a chain on each side and a cast iron hand crank! The crane itself is in two sections, with two pulley systems. At present, the crane doesn’t work. I’ve not tried to fix it, but I think the string has come off inside the housing, which is a quick fix. I will endeavour to fix this, if I can!

Length: 32” (with crane extended)
Length: 20” (of truck)
Width: 10”
Height: 11” (cab)
Height: 20” (crane)

The wheels are red plastic and look to have only been played with inside.

Very heavy item. 15-20kg. I’ve quoted the cheapest delicious can find, but I am happy to package up ready for your own courier, if you can find it cheaper.