Vintage Japanese piano shaped music box for upcycling or restoration.

This has been in a box at the back of my shop for so long waiting for me to do something with it. I haven’t the time to, yet there is still so much life left in this little jewellery box. It should sit on three legs, but these are missing. The box is lacquered with mother-of-pearl inlaid to the top. 
Red and gold Japanese scenes decorate the top and continue around the sides of the piano.

The Inside of the box is lined with a hot pink needle cord type fabric. There is a three-way mirror which is in good condition. The ballerina is missing but the music box still works. I’m sorry I don’t know the time.

The lacquer has chipped off in places and there are bumps and knocks all over the box.

Width: 150mm (5 7/8”)
Depth: 240mm (9 1/2”)
Height: 100mm (4”)
Weight: 722g


SKU: JN29300