Vintage handmade wooden candlestick holders. Carved wood with bark texture.

Beautiful wooden candleholders carved from what appears to be a single piece of wood. The base of the holders still has the exterior texture. Each holder has one very flat side, meaning they can be placed together to create a double candlestick holder, or separated.

The base has a green felt covering to protect your worksurfaces. The top of each candlestick holder has a 10mm lip to prevent candlewax dripping down on to the wood.

There are a few splits in the ward. One has a split on the flat surface of the ward, and a small split starting near the bark texture. Please see photographs for more details. Other than this these are in beautiful vintage condition. The smoothness of the wood and contrasting patina make these so tactile!

I’ve reduced the price by 25% as I accidentally dropped one, and a small section of wood has chipped off the rim at the top. Photos to follow. It can easily be sanded smooth and stained to match. 

Dimensions (as a set):
Width: 150mm (6”)
Depth: 140mm (5 1/2”)
Height: 180mm (7”)
Weight: 814kg


SKU: MY24419