I’m selling three scarecrows I made for a local arts festival. 
I made three characters from Say Say Say by McCartney and Jackson.
Here we have Linda McCartney! 
She has a paper mache head, covered with canvas and plaster, hand painted and gloss varnished to protect from the elements. 
She has her eyes closed (looks less weird) and her mouth is open in the ‘who who who who whoooooo’ shape, from the chorus of the song. 

She has blond wool hair, loosely tied back and glued.
She is wearing a white ruffle blouse, a boho skirt and has a denim waist coat.

Her wrists are stuffed with straw (which is moulting).
Her skeleton is made from used bubble wrap  with wooden supports to keep her upright.
She can sit, or be straight (but can’t support herself if standing). Her head can be removed. Her limbs are posable bubble wrap.

Bit of a weird one. Took me a day to make, and she’s too good for the landfill! Thought someone could use her as a Halloween prop or novelty display. 

Check out Paul and Michael! Combined shipping available if more than one figure purchased.

Length: 1200mm
Width: 400mm
Depth: 250mm