Vintage Early 20th Century Tin Plate Children’s Money Box With Coin Counter.

Fabulous old template piggybank with coin counter. The front and back panels are a cream colour (possibly faded yellow). On the back shows mum tipping out lots of coins from the money box into the little girl’s bag. The little boy is wearing a sailors outfit and he is carrying a bear and his arm. In one hand he’s got a dog on a lead and then the other a fishing net. He is also carrying several bags. Slightly old-fashioned by today’s standards-the girl carries all the money and the boy carries all the shopping! 

On the front are three  little goblin type creatures with long beard lanterns, collecting pennies. that looks huge compare to their size! 

A small rectangle window is cut out of the front panel. The number is 03 or showing, but these numbers will go up as more coins are saved. After saving 36 pennies the little door at the front automatically pops open. Unfortunately I don’t have a key, and I haven’t tried to put coins in this in case I can’t get them out! This is such a quirky little tin regardless whether it’s used as a money box.

The outer tin case is a deep orange colour and there is a coin slot on the top. The initials WN, orWV have been scratched on the top. On the base are thorough operating instructions. The back panel is quite dented, but only visible when views sideways on. Please see the profile photograph for more details.

Width: 95mm (3 3/4”)
Depth: 55mm (2 1/8”)
Height: 125mm (4 7/8”)
Weight: 149g


SKU: JN31910