Gorgeous Art Deco miniature wooden sideboard shaped money box. I believe this to be an apprentice piece as it’s so beautifully made. 

To the outside are two curved ‘stunt’ doors, with lovely small curved handles. 

The centre column has 3 flat drawers with curved handles. The bottom two don’t open. The top drawer opens to drop in your coins, then when closed a trap door opens to drop your money in to the cabinet.

The feet are my favourite aspect! The front two legs are semicircle rings, that sit on a lovely base. The rear two legs are curved peg style legs with radius corners, in keeping with the rest of the cabinet. 

Width: 5.25” (134mm)
Depth: 3” (75mm)
Height: 4” (105mm)

Sadly no key, but I’m searching for one so will update listing when it comes with a key. 
There is an imperfection to the front of the top. Please look at all the photos for an accurate description.