Vintage Art Deco Bakelite alarm clock and music box.

Really miniature clock and music box. The style is SO Art Deco! Constructed from a cream coloured thick Bakelite with milky green stripes and gold on the clock face. 

The clock has the name PETER on the face, with a really nice Art Deco typeface first the numbers.  There is a tiny musical icon, with stars. 

To the left of the clock is a mock speaker front and a on/stop switch. 

The back is a wash with knobs and winding keys. I’m sorry, I’m not a clock expert. I have worked out the music box winder is the key on it’s own to the right hand side. The music box is in working order, but I can’t identify the tune. To the left of the back panel are two winders and two dials to change time/alarm. I haven’t managed to get the clock working, but the alarm works. 

The case is cracked in one place with a few hairline marks elsewhere. The glass is slightly set back from the case on one side and the back panel doesn’t meet the case properly at the back/top. Maybe someone has taken the back of this and not out replaced it properly.

A bit grubby in places, but I think it will clean up nicely.

A heavy, stylish, ‘defining an era’ item with so much potential. Restoration project for someone with some skill.

Width: 115mm (4 1/2”)
Depth: 50mm (2”)
Height: 65mm (2 1/2”)
Weight: 350g


SKU: MY16620