Art Deco small smokers cabinet in need of some TLC. 

Such a tactile, well made little cabinet. Made from mahogany, with a rich patina and glossy handled sheen. 
The front has two doors (one knob missing) and two diamond shaped badges made from oak. The top has a ring mark, the corners are scuffed. But the look and feel of this cabinet is still very appealing. 

The closing mechanism - possibly magnetic - is missing, so the doors don’t close properly. They go in to the cabinet as there is nothing to stop them. As a result, the hinges aren’t too good on the left door, and it only opens as much as shown in the photos.

Inside is papered (not very well). The shelf is missing. 
Problems aside, this is a really nice cabinet! Just needs some TLC.

Width: 245mm (9.6”)
Depth: 160mm (6.25”)
Height: 280mm (11”)
Weight: 1.74kg


SKU: MA8427