Extra large vintage red parrot plushie.

Made in El Salvador, this funky parrot has a firmly stuffed body and wings and is perked with his weird feet on a mock branch. His body is bright red, with the undersides of his fat-finger wings being red, and the top side being blue. The wings are layered, on the top of the fat areas are unstuffed red and yellow layers. His super long tail carries this feature on, and has red, blue and yellow ‘feathers’. 

In excellent condition. The seams on one side of his body look fit to burst as he’s so well packed with stuffing. But no rips or tears. 

He has a lovely, realistic face! I love this massive bird!

Length: 760mm (30”)
Width (body): 100mm (4”)
Depth: 110mm (4 1/4”)
Weight: 580g

Wing span: 290mm (11 1/2”)
Body length: 320mm (12 1/2”)
Tail length: 440mm


SKU: DE78813