Vintage empty cardboard box for prop or display. Dated 26th March 1969.

This vintage box is too good to be recycled as packaging, it would make an excellent prop or display.
The box itself has New Zealand PURE CREAMERY Butter printed in black and green on the two long sides of the box. The end panels have weights and measurements information, with the New Zealand butter brand’s logo. The top and bottom are unprinted. 

The box is covered in handwritten addresses. The addressee is H. RAWLINS, Cage Farm, Somerset. A British Railways Board label is a fixed to the top with the instruction that the parcel is to be called for at Taunton station. A stamped date appears twice on the top, with the Abergavenny postmark.

I don’t know what the original contents were of this box but there are two large red ‘perishable’ labels stuck to two sides.

The cardboard isn’t fluted, it looks to be made of a composite board. It’s very rigid with straight lines and square edges. It’s strong enough to put things on top of without collapsing.

Width: 420mm (16 1/2”)
Depth: 270mm (10 5/8”)
Height: 280mm (11”)
Weight: 1.2kg


SKU: JN29400