I came across this fabulous 1950s handmade primitive wooden 36 piece ark, with Noah and animals, which was used as a bath toy in the 1950s!

In quite poor condition when I found it. But I’ve gently cleaned every piece and rubbed with a wax to protect. 

The ark has a removable lid, and captain’s bridge that sits on the top. Noah remains but sadly humans did t go two by two on this voyage.

Of the animals, only the shark and 1 other come as a single piece. All the other animals come in pairs, and have been thoughtfully carved to represent the make and female (see lions, goats etc), and some of the pairs have one of the couple in an action stance, running or just posing (see the monkey!)
There looks to be 2 type of pig. Of the two smaller ones, one is badly damaged and it crumbling. 

There are two curved planks - one of which looks to have been snapped at some point,  it has had enough time since to look smooth and soft edged. There is a wider plank - possibly the ground - that has polished up nicely but I can feel it’s rotten inside as the surface has ‘give’ in it.

There is a lovely 1950s style mound of earth for the animals to stand on, but it’s not got a flat surface so the animals wobble precariously on it!

A wonderful piece of folk art that would make a fabulous display. Sadly I’d say the ark might be too old for little hands but the animals are still suitable to play with.

The length of the ark is approximately 12.5” in length. The figures range from 0.5” tall to 4” tall.