1901 Huntley and Palmers Canteen Tin. Shaped like a straw handbag with two rope handles.

This is one of the first tins of its kind. Made by Huntley and Palmers in 1901. Printed with orange, yellow and green by offset litho with embossing. 

The clasp is very clever. It has a swinging hook behind the main class that holds the lid closed. The inside of the tin has lost most of its shine and the makers name is barely visible. However very little rusting mainly just dark and discolouration of the silver colour. There is a rope handle, I’m unsure if it’s original but it appears to be.

This tin features on the Reading Museum website, Which accurately dates this style to 1901. In excellent shape for it’s age. The clasps have lost their shine and the print is wearing away over the contours of the basket weave effect. A very rare and collectable tin.

Width: 185mm (7 1/4”)
Depth: 160mm (6 1/4”)
Height: 75mm (3”)
Weight: 360g


SKU: AP14124