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I have been selling original drawings since 1987. My fascination for industrial design started even earlier. I remember visiting my Dad's engineering workshop when I was 6 years old. Ignoring the razor sharp edging and gathering bags full of steel swarf because I liked the colour/thought it looked like curly hair (1970s)! 20 years later I was still picking up engine parts and enthusing about how a lorry piston looked

like a cool ashtray (1990s)! I still have that piston ashtray, but it's more of a door stop these days. 


Despite this early leaning towards a career in engineering, my first 'proper job' was working as a pressroom cleaner at the DET

(Derby Evening Telegraph). Just 1 month in to my trial period I was given a full time role as a platemaker. The first female to be employed

at the DET in it's 30 year history. My work is still influenced by how the CMYK colour separations on the plates looked. 

By 2007, digital technology was killing print. So I enrolled as a mature student on the new Visual Communications MDes at the University of Derby (UoD). Having left school in 1990 with just an art and English GCSE to my name, I wasn't expecting the effect of learning to be so life changing. Creative thinking is a skill, a career, a talent. Not a day dream or oddness that children of the 1970s were told.

After setting up as a freelance graphic designer in 2011, I've been lucky enough to win projects for the NHS, British Telecom and the UoD.



Portraits   |   Murals   |   Illustration   |   Paint effects   |   Digital art   |   Limited edition prints

Rebrands   |   Brochure design   |    Posters   |   Website templates


Motorbike chain jewellery  |   Keyrings   |   Steampunk pendants   |   Candle holders


Industrial   |   Toys   |   Tools & hardware   |   Furniture   |   Up-cycled   |   Recycled   |   Restoration projects


Old photograph retouching   |   Large format scanning   |   Image manipulation   |   Adobe CC training

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