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not just a pretty (type) face

Welcome to Beware Wet Paint!

I am an artist and designer recently relocated to The Old Oak Stores in Duffield, - the heart of Derbyshire's Amber Valley.

It's from here that I design, plan, draw, paint, sand, sew, buff, glaze, hammer, explore, collect, connect, up-cycle & re-cycle motorcycle parts. 

Alongside the working studio is the little shop. A wide selection of art, handmade jewellery, limited edition art prints, vintage furniture,

vintage tools & hardware, quirky shop displays & props. New 'old' items being added to the online shop every day.

An eclectic space where everything is for sale, commissions are taken and paint is always wet! Luckily I'm always busy, but unfortunately

this means the shop does not have conventional opening hours. To arrange a visit, use the chat window or drop me an email.

I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

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